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Valley Dream Center

At Agape, one of the pillars on which our business stands is “stewardship”. We believe in being good stewards in our community. Whenever we get a chance to tell a clients story who has the same vision for their communities, it always makes the work we create even more meaningful.


We had the opportunity to work with the Valley Dream Center, an organization new to Fresno and the Central Valley which seeks to serve its surrounding communities by using partnerships throughout the city to provide opportunities for those in need. Their mission is “Rescue. Restore. Release.” which helps to not only serve those in need, but to empower and inspire real change in our communities.

We were approached to create a video for the Valley Dream Center grand opening that would explain the vision of the Valley Dream Center and give a testimonial on the power of their mission. Although all of the volunteers and people who make up the Dream Center had been changing lives for quite some time, there were major plans to open up living spaces, classrooms, and a fully functioning campus with the support of donors and strategic partners.


VDC people in our story

Not only did we interview the President of the Dream Center, Rene, but we decided that the only way to fully understand the impact of the Dream Center’s mission and purpose was to interview someone who had been transformed by the “Rescue. Restore. Release.” mission. We interviewed Stephanie, whose testimony left us all with tears in our eyes. It was a very candid and open interview and we felt honored to capture her story for all to hear.


We were also able to capture beautiful shots of the campus as it was undergoing renovations. We felt that showing the empty spaces would allow the viewer to imagine the possibilities of a place like this in their community.

We are proud to have worked on this project, as we believe in the mission behind the Valley Dream Center. We hope to see the center grow, influence the community, and transform lives everywhere.