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The Bridge Church Series

The Bridge Office // The Bridge Church

The Bridge Church hired us to create a three part video series that reflected who they are as a church. Each video within the series had a specific focus.



The first video is telling the story of Fresno, the surrounding neighborhoods, and how the Bridge was connected. The second video highlights the different areas of focus within the church. The third video tells the story of the office life through the perspective of three people on staff; the intern, the maintenance manager, and the secretary.


Some favorite moments in production were the staff pretending to be movie stars.┬áDuring pre-production, the overall feeling was that they wanted to tell the story how it is. Rough on the edges with a lot of love and commitment. The Bridge has been one of our clients since we started Agape. It’s been a great privilege to work with them on various projects. This is definitely a favorite.

The Body // The Bridge Church