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Stay the Hell Away From Tanning Beds

This project has been one of the most meaningful pieces Agape has been able to work on. Sarah Siemens contacted us to see if we could help her with filming a mini-documentary. Her mom had passed away from skin cancer […]

Fresno State “It’s on Us”

Fresno State contacted us to do a PSA video based on the “It’s On Us” campaign that was launched by the White House. We’ve worked on several projects with Fresno State throughout the years so it was a pleasure to […]

Fresno State Alcohol Overdose Awareness

Alcohol overdose is a serious issue at many college campuses. Fresno State‚Äôs Student Involvement needed to address the issue after a Fresno State student died from alcohol overdose. Student Involvement decided to create a informational video that would be shown […]