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Stay the Hell Away From Tanning Beds

Stay The Hell Away From Tanning Beds

This project has been one of the most meaningful pieces Agape has been able to work on. Sarah Siemens contacted us to see if we could help her with filming a mini-documentary. Her mom had passed away from skin cancer recently. She was looking to bring awareness about this issue but also challenge the way that beauty is viewed in our culture.



The movement began with a bright yellow tanning bed from the The Body Shop Health Club in Lemoore. Sarah’s mom often visited the club to use this tanning bed. Sarah wrote letters to Mike, the owner, asking him to get rid of the tanning bed. He already had wanted to sell the tanning bed so family and friends all pitched in to help Sarah buy it. They had a party to celebrate the tanning bed’s demise (explosion) in Lemoore. That night, the wind symbolized the destructive nature of the tanning bed.

Even though the tanning bed exploding was clearly a highlight of the film, there was a much deeper message. For each of our projects, we select keywords that define the vision and purpose. For Sarah’s documentary, our keywords were education, beauty, choice, hope, and change.


Sarah wanted women to know that they are beautiful as they are. They don’t need to tan. We hosted her premiere party at our studio. It was a blast.



Sarah was absolutely awesome to work with. She had a clear vision of what she wanted to say, we just helped her translate that to her documentary. Sarah’s so cool that she shared her story on Your Central Valley and her story was published in the Fresno Bee.


You can check out her blog here. Below are a few tips from Sarah on how to protect yourself from melanoma.

*Wear hats while outside.

*Wear sunscreen that includes UV ray protection.

Tip: You can get exposure to UV rays even when it’s cloudy, so protect yourself every day.