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Paul Reimer The Teacher

Paul Reimer

Paul is a teacher, instructional coach, workshop presenter, and designer of mathematics programs at the K-12 level. From the moment we met Paul, we knew that he was passionate about math. The main purpose of the video was to engage prospective students looking at his courses.



During his interview, we pushed him a little bit with the question of why? Why do you do what you do? What is your story? In doing that, a sub purpose emerged. To inspire teachers to step outside their comfort zones and engage other teachers about their challenges and successes.


Teachers helping other teachers. Paul loves seeing teachers being empowered. It’s more than just being passionate about math. He’s passionate about people.


Paul is currently an instructor with the Center for Professional Development at Fresno Pacific University. You can check out Paul’s website as well as his vimeo where he has other informational/inspirational videos posted.