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Stumpf and Company

Stumpf and Company is a family owned/operated commercial/investment real estate company. Veronica, one of the team members connected with us through the Downtown Fresno community. She is also the creator […]

City of Fresno

Fresno’s Building Neighborhood Capacity Program (BNCP) came to us because they wanted to tell the story of El Dorado Park and Southwest Fresno. “BNCP is a core component of the White […]

The Beginning

Agape was founded in 2009 by two young entrepreneurs wanting to offer the world something inspiring. The journey began by creating cinematic wedding films. Since then, Agape has grown and we […]

The Three Pillars

When we rebranded, we decided to create three pillars for Agape Creative Studios. These three pillars are listed on our home page. We interviewed Ashley, our co-owner about the three pillars. AGAPE: Agape has […]

Paul Reimer The Teacher

Paul is a teacher, instructional coach, workshop presenter, and designer of mathematics programs at the K-12 level. From the moment we met Paul, we knew that he was passionate about math. The main purpose of the video was to engage prospective students looking at his courses.