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Neighborhood Thrift // Introduction

When Neighborhood Thrift told us they wanted to do a Documentary series, we knew that there was going to be a powerful story backing it. Neighborhood Thrift is a community benefit organization located in the Tower District, Fresno. Their tagline is “To be a place where development is a lifestyle”. Their mission is heavily focused on equipping people in the community with job experience.



One of the topics that kept coming up during pre-production was that we needed to show the full expanse of what they do to their target audience. A lot of people knew them as just a thrift store. The team at Neighborhood Thrift wanted people to know and come to love the everyday people involved at the store.


The series consisted of 4 mini-documentaries, an intro film, and a conclusion film. For the 4 mini-documentaries, we worked with the team at Neighborhood Thrift to find key people that would tell the story, each coming from a different perspective. This isn’t your typical thrift store. The people that work there and volunteer there have powerful stories of transformation so it was fitting that we would dive into those stories head on.



We interviewed and shadowed two employees, one customer, and a volunteer. We also interviewed Bryan and AP. They are both part of the lead team that runs Neighborhood Thrift. What they are doing is incredible. They are providing people with job skills and teaching them how to become leaders. Neighborhood Thrift is a place of transformation, a place of healing, and a place of hope.

Neighborhood Thrift // Erica - An Employee

To see more of the Neighborhood Thrift Documentary series, check out our Vimeo.