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When the folks at Current Culture H2O contacted us for a video, we were excited to get started. One of the best parts of making mini-documentaries for different companies is getting to dive in and learn all about what they do, who they are as a team, and what drives them.


We wanted to make sure we were capturing CCH2O’s message. The video is displayed on their company website so we knew we had to capture a thorough overview of the company’s workflow, mission and what sets them apart from competitors.



For the video we interviewed Dan and Christian, the President and Vice President of CCH2O. Because CCH2O’s warehouse is an awesome work space, we were able to set up two very different interview locations that were actually within 10 feet of each other. Their space is large and open so we had a lot of flexibility when it came to lighting and set up.



The space and lighting was also great for b-roll. We were able to capture the large scale production feel of the warehouse, as well as the personal and hands-on approach of the workflow in every step of production.


Aesthetically, there was a lot to choose from when composing engaging shots. From the black and white manifolds on the walls to the lush greenery of the plants that were growing in their systems, everywhere we looked, there was something interesting to capture.



When it came time to edit the video, we decided that a modern, upbeat soundtrack would work better than a typical corporate sounding song. We wanted the video to reflect the personalities of the people that make up CCH2O and felt that the soundtrack did just that.

We had a great time learning about hydroponics and getting to tell the story of Current Culture H2O.

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