On Thursday May 7th, Agape Creative Studios hosted it’s first ArtHop at our studio in Downtown Fresno. We had the pleasure of featuring two talented local photographers, Hannah Evans and Michael Gregory. Their photography, a mixture of iPhone and DSLR images, is truly incredible. Their work is known throughout the Instagram community. Despite it being a rainy day, we had at about 100 people that came.


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You might be wondering why a video production and multimedia business would want to host an ArtHop event in Downtown Fresno. At Agape, we believe in the revitalization efforts taking place in Downtown Fresno and are seeing many amazing developments happening all around us.  There is a movement taking place and we are excited to be part of that movement.


Another element that makes Agape unique is our community involvement. Our team values a strong and thriving community. ArtHop is one way that helps foster a healthy community. Besides, the art scene in Downtown Fresno is pretty cool. We want to encourage you to attend ArtHop if you haven’t been before. It is a very rewarding experience.  You will see the city come alive in ways you have not seen before. We also want to thank everyone who came out to support us and our artists. See you next time on June 4th at 1612 Fulton!


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