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Adventist Health Values Series

Adventist Health // Enthusiastic Respect

Powerful stories can happen anywhere. Part of what we’re passionate about is helping to share stories about people who make a difference in the lives of others. When Adventist Health contacted us to make a series of videos that would recognize their hard-working staff members, we were excited to jump on board.


For this project we traveled to various hospitals and clinics around the Central San Joaquin Valley, including Reedley, Avenal, Huron and Taft. It was a great experience for us because we love to travel and explore new places. It also opened our eyes to some of the great things happening in the communities that are “next-door” to Fresno.

The interviews we shot really helped tell the story of Adventist Health as a whole. As an organization, Adventist Health really prides itself on being stewards to their patients and the surrounding community. Every single person at the organization truly strives to live up to the values of Enthusiastic Respect, Heartfelt Compassion, and Inner Integrity, among many others. Each story highlighted a staff member or clinic location. It spoke to how the values of the organization are brought to life each and every day. We were blown away by some of the amazing stories that we heard!

Adventist Health // Thoughtful Stewardship

We heard stories about hospitals becoming water-conscious by changing their landscape to help the valley during the drought and staff members setting up an Easter egg hunt for patients and families with kids. Hearing about staff members in a clinic going out of their way to deliver medical reports to a patient’s home or of nurses volunteering themselves to treat a possibly contagious ebola patient really showed the kind of people that make up the Adventist Health family.

During the process of shooting multiple interviews, we had to overcome some technical challenges. One of the biggest challenges we faced on the field was setting up for the interviews. Because we wanted to film the interviewees in their places of work or in the relevant settings, we often found ourselves in cramped clinics or hospital rooms, unable to really mold the “set” to our liking. We had to think on our feet creatively and work with what we had to build a compelling area for our interviews. We also wanted to make sure we respected the privacy of both staff and patients as we shot b-roll and spent many hours shadowing nurses, doctors and other staff members.



When it came time to edit these pieces together, we also faced some tough creative challenges. Because the story behind the interviews were often personal and emotional, it was a unique challenge to condense such moving material into a two to three minute video. In the end, it’s a matter of making choices that will adhere to the technical aspects yet also support the needs of the plot and the story as a whole.


We truly enjoyed the journey of this video series with Adventist Health. We were definitely pushed creatively and technically and we truly felt honored to be able to tell these incredible stories to the Adventist Health community and beyond.