Tree of Life is a restaurant located in Downtown Fresno that serves fresh, farm-to-table breakfast and lunch items crafted by the Ocheltree family. They serve food cafeteria style and provide job opportunities for men and women who have completed drug and alcohol addiction rehab programs.

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Tree of Life’s name signifies healing: both the healing of Downtown Fresno and of their employees. The restaurant celebrates the diversity and flavors from the Valley through its staff and food.



The objective for Tree of Life was to create a logo and complete branding for the restaurant. This included designing a logo and symbol, selecting a color palette, typography palette, designing a variety of touch points, designing and developing a landing page, and creating a style guide.





The founders truly believe in family, comfort food, and restoration. They wanted something simple and easy to recognize, yet most importantly they wanted to incorporate a tree that bears fruit. After looking at the space and speaking with the founders, we came up with a simple tree that bears pomegranates, which are a common fruit that is easily recognized in the Valley. Additionally, we selected a bold type for the name to employ a strong foundation.




The color palette is both warm and comforting and reflects the type of food and atmosphere that can be found at Tree of Life.


We’re so excited for their journey and we wish them the best in their growth! To learn more about them and to see their menu, visit their website.

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