We had the pleasure of creating a brand for Veronica Stumpf, the founder and blogger behind That Fresno Blog. She is a part-time blogger and a full time commercial/investment real estate broker for her family’s company, Stumpf and Company. Veronica is a firm believer in Downtown Fresno revitalization. The objective of her new branding was refreshed and renewed vision for her blog’s purpose. Her brand will be used to show that Fresno is more than a pitstop, but full of culture, heritage, and diversity.


That Fresno Blog’s brand needed to be modern and minimal, yet classy.  Her real estate heritage also needed to be tied into this brand, allowing us to take a contemporary approach to color. We incorporated bright shades of blue and red to revitalize the palette. The typography palette is a modern low contrast script paired with a rounded low contrast secondary font that lends to the minimalistic, classy and consistent elements.



As part of her branding, we created a header that could be used for social media and print. The purpose is to represent the diversity of Fresno. Veronica is passionate about architecture and the “Hidden Gems in Fresno,” so it was important that the illustration contained a mixture of vector realistic and sketch elements.


Veronica is doing amazing things with her blog. If you want to learn more about what Fresno has to offer, check her out on her website, facebook, twitter, and instagram.

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