*All photos taken by Hannah Evans Photography

Hannah Evans is a photographer based in Fresno, California. She primarily photographs stunning portraits, full of stark colors and geometric shapes. Hannah takes creative risks and experiments with exciting concepts. She wants to showcase her own idea of photography and explore techniques that have not be utilized by other photographers.

The objective was to create a logo and brand for Hannah Evans Photography that communicates her identity to clients and viewers.


After we spent some time with her and her portfolio, we discovered Hannah utilizes angular and organic shapes into her photography. Her photographs are high contrast and differ from everyday portraits and snapshots. We decided the best solution was to design a logo that represents her style and integrates geometric shapes.



The foundation of this logo is an abstract representation of aperture. Instead of using a circle to contain the logo, we broke out of an ordinary shape and created a composition of diamonds and triangles. These shapes are based off similar elements in the client’s portfolio. To create a sense of uniformity, the shapes point to the center.



The color palette is simple with dark gradients of jade green and gray. They contrast each other and follow the stark elements of her photography.

Overall, it was a great experience working with Hannah to create a brand that not only represents her business but also her as an individual. We admire Hannah’s skill as an artist and we are excited for her future!

*All photos taken by Hannah Evans Photography


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