Ampersand is a local ice cream shop that opened its doors in May 2015. The owners, Jeff and Amelia Bennett, are dedicated to excellence and craft and wanted a brand to show this. Before their initial branding, we helped them launch their Kickstarter to raise funds. We did full branding for them including a logo, window storefront designs, punch cards, pint container design, t-shirts, and mugs.


As with any new startup, nailing down the vision and brand is crucial to establish who they are. Ampersand’s idea was classic Americana —  tailored and minimal with vintage elements. Ampersand wanted their brand to be sophisticated and timeless.


Throughout the branding process, Ampersand was able to bring their story and their vision to life.The use of the ampersand (&) comes directly from their mission of ice cream & community, heartbreak & love, joy & sorrow — combining various parts of life into one symbol.


Brandon Grotesque is the sole typeface chosen for the brand. It’s geometric, timeless legibility combined with influences from the 1920s met all of Ampersand’s values and mission. The color palette is made up of three colors: Candy Apple Red, Black Licorice and Dusty Blueberry.

Candy Apple Red is a strong color, referencing the Americana subtleties of the logo while being complemented by Dusty Blueberry. This faded blue nods towards the vintage represented through the entire brand.


It was an honor to walk through their branding process with them and we are happy to see Ampersand flourish. Read more about Ampersand here.

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